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Facelifts Utah – Encore & Smart Face Lifts

Encore Face Lifts Utah | Encore Lifts Utah

If you are looking for the best Face Lift in Utah, your best bet will be an Encore Lift in Utah's own Surface Medical Spa.

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[img src=]13610Encore Lift Utah - Face Lift Salt Lake City, Utah
This Face Lift in Salt Lake City, Utah is specifically an Encore Lift. The picture on the left shows the patient before the Utah Encore Lift, the picture on the right shows the same patient only ONE DAY after the Encore Face Lift in Utah!
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What is the Encore Neck and Facelift?

The Encore Neck and Facelift is a full face and neck lift that is truly revolutionary. It is done under local anesthesia, significantly reducing the risk generally involved with facelifts done under general anesthesia. Lax skin is lifted and tightened in a natural way, avoided the undesirable “pulled back” look that is often the outcome of our competitors lifts. We avoid this by lifting both the skin and the underlying tissue, giving the skin the structural integrity needed to maintain the fullness needed to maintain a youthful complexion. Our unique numbing technique helps in significantly reduces bruising and swelling, leaving our patients with far less downtime than is common with other lifts.

Surface Encore Facelift Salt Lake City Utah – Plastic Surgery For Wimps!


What makes the Encore Neck and Facelift different from traditional Facelift procedures


• Surface Med’s facelifts have minimum down time.

• The Encore Facelift helps with aging necks.

• Encore Facelifts give a completely natural look.

• An Encore facelift is performed without general anesthetic.

• With the Encore, there is little or no bruising

• No “stretched look”.

• No physical recovery time.

• Cost less than traditional, surgical Facelifts Salt Lake City, Utah.

• The results are very long lasting or permanent.

• The chance of complications or infection is greatly reduced.

 Facelift Utah

How does the Encore Neck and Facelift Procedure work?

The Encore Facelift does two things: It lessens the depth of the scars by tightening the skin and it also tightens the loose skin that tends to bunch around the scarred areas. As an added benefit, the person will look younger and more refreshed.

What can I expect during my Encore Neck and Facelift procedure?

The patient spends very little time recovering from the surgery instead of an extended absence of one to two months. About half of the patients could go anywhere the next day and not be noticed as just having a cosmetic procedure.

Utah Facelift

The patient gets the chance to quickly return to his or her busy lifestyle.

Patients are numbed locally during this procedure, eliminating the need for general anesthesia (which involves higher risk and higher cost). Patients are normally sleepy and relaxed during the procedure and can return home immediately after their surgery is completed. Our numbing technique also reduces the amount of bruising and swelling involved with this type of procedure.

A thin incision is made along the hairline and skin is removed to tighten and smooth the area, creating a natural yet noticeable lift. The scar itself is almost always completely unnoticeable within a short time

Because we specialize in Cosmetic Facelift Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, the smart lift and many other procedures, it is easy to find out more by calling us at 801-776-2002

A friendly staff member looks forward to answering your questions and scheduling you to meet with a physician with a demonstrated skill in Utah cosmetic surgery. If the smart lift is not right for you, we will recommend another procedure if appropriate.

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