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Facelifts Utah – Encore & Smart Face Lifts

Encore Face Lifts Utah | Encore Lifts Utah

If you are looking for the best Face Lift in Utah, your best bet will be an Encore Lift in Utah's own Surface Medical Spa.

[img src=]15520Encore Lift In Utah - Encore Face Lift
If you are looking for the best Face Lift in Utah, your best bet will be an Encore Lift in Utah's own Surface Medical Spa.
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[img src=]9320Encore Lift Utah - Face Lift Salt Lake City, Utah
This Face Lift in Salt Lake City, Utah is specifically an Encore Lift. The picture on the left shows the patient before the Utah Encore Lift, the picture on the right shows the same patient only ONE DAY after the Encore Face Lift in Utah!
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Encore Facelift Utah:

Surface Med’s Encore Facelifts are new to Salt Lake City, Utah and have less bruising, swelling and downtime. The entire process is done under a local anesthetic and the results can be dramatic and long lasting.

These are not barbed threads or simple skin lifts. Many patients relate that no one knew they had something done because they didn’t have to “hide out” for weeks recovering from a regular facelift.

Come in for a FREE consultation. All you have to lose is 10-15 years.

Surface Encore Facelift Salt Lake City Utah – Plastic Surgery For Wimps!


Encore Facelifts: Key Points


• Surface Med’s facelifts have minimum down time.

• The Encore Facelift helps with aging necks.

• Encore Facelifts give a completely natural look.

• An Encore facelift is performed without general anesthetic.

• With the Encore, there is little or no bruising

• No “stretched look”.

• No physical recovery time.

• Cost less than traditional, surgical Facelifts Salt Lake City, Utah.

• The results are very long lasting or permanent.

• The chance of complications or infection is greatly reduced.

 Facelift Utah

The results can be dramatic. For more information, we suggest that you come in for a free consultation or attend one of our free seminars.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wishing your face would return to that healthier look of young adulthood? Do you believe cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures are beyond your reach?

If you are within the age range and medical requirements for a modified form of plastic surgery, the Smart Facelifts Utah procedure might be right for you.

At Surface Medical Spas, we have good news for first-time and experienced plastic surgery patients. The Smart Facelift is now available in the beautiful state of Utah. That means you should read more before deciding between Smart facelift and traditional Facelifts. Salt Lake City Utah patients are served by confidential consultations by Surface Medical Spas physicians.

We serve patients who want to minimize the effects of a “surgery” by arranging Face Lifts, whether surgical or Non Surgical.

With the Smart Facelift, the main idea is to use only local anesthetics, a short operating time, and newer techniques to significantly reduce your recovery time. That means you can count on less swelling of the face and surrounding areas and get back to your life sooner.

Utah Facelift

Another option is the Smart Lift. This procedure is only performed in certain areas of the country including Utah. The patient spends only about 7 days recovering from the surgery instead of an extended absence of one to two months.

The plastic surgery patient gets the chance to quickly return to his or her busy lifestyle. The surgeon makes a shorter cut at the hairline in front of the ears. For a few hours of surgery, our patients can achieve great results.

If you are suffering from the natural progression of aging and want to change your face, consult the experts at Surface Medical Spas about whether Smart Facelift Treatments, liposuction, or other treatments will help you look younger and more attractive.

Our Face Lift Physicians in Salt Lake City proudly feature other fine services in a comfortable and discrete environment, including intense pulse light (IPL), acne treatments, thermage skin tightening, skin tightening, lipo smoothing, and Anti-Aging solutions.

Because we specialize in Cosmetic Facelift Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, the smart lift and many other procedures, it is easy to find out more by calling us at 801-776-2002

A friendly staff member looks forward to answering your questions and scheduling you to meet with a physician with a demonstrated skill in Utah cosmetic surgery. If the smart lift is not right for you, we will recommend another procedure if appropriate.

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