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The Surface Concept

The Surface concept sounds deceptively simple. Deliver most advanced non-invasive medical treatments available anywhere in the world.

To fulfill that mission, Surface Medial Spas in Layton has developed medical treatments, special programs, physician training, and other systems. Added up, Surface offers the most comprehensive system on non-surgical cosmetic and care available. In fact, there are no other medical cosmetic surgery clinics in the world that offer everything that Surface does. Surface is built differently.

Surface Is Built Around Physicians

While other medical chain stores are constantly trying to remove physicians from their overhead and use less skilled staff to deliver care, Surface centers on specialized physicians intimately integrated into the delivery of quality care. All of our systems and treatments are built around expert physicians whose sole practice is cosmetic surgery, available to customers in Layton and across Utah.

Surface Has A Unique Offering

Surface Encore Lifts™, Clear2 Fotofacials™, Smarter Liposuction™, and Natural Breast Augmentation™ are all treatments that Surface physicians have been instrumental in developing and are unique to Surface. We also offer filler injections, ThermaCell, IPL Fotofacials and hair removal, subscision, mesotherapy, iSlim™, Portrait Plasma®;, microderm, chemical peels, acne treatments, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and of course, Botox.

The Most Advanced Medical Technologies

Rather than cut sweetheart deals with second tier technology providers to save a buck, Surface has remained independent. We constantly evaluate new technologies and treatments in order to assure we stay on the forefront of quality cosmetic surgery and medical care for our customers in Layton and from around the world. When better technologies or treatments are developed, we switch.

Surface Focus is On Our Patients

We believe that we’re in the people business. And while some other physicians are overcharging, using outdated technology, and performing treatments outside their specialty, we’re building name recognition and exceptional patient loyalty. How? We provide the best medical care at reasonable prices and we focus on our patients needs.

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Our cosmetic surgeons have paved the way in the latest and most advanced cosmetic surgery procedures. We serve Layton, Park City, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Many of our patients from Layton would never even consider having bag-type implants done due to the possible complications involved and the frequent unnatural look and feel of bag implants. With a Natural Breast Augmentation™  almost all of these complications can be avoided.

Patient Success Stories

After reaching a point in my life and feeling as though there was no hope for me to ever love my body again, I decided it was time for a change. A change that was not only to be a physical one, but one that took control of my emotional state of being.

Emily Lewis

Emily LewisMrs. Utah