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There are many different acne scar treatments available on the market today to both control active acne and reduce acne scarring. Here are the most effective acne scar treatments in treating both active acne and the result of past acne available anywhere. Our cosmetic surgeon in Layton can help you in deciding what acne scar treatment would best treat your individual skin condition. Under close doctor supervision and the right combination of acne scar treatments, your most perfect complexion can be realized again or for the first time.

Non-Ablative CO2 Fractional Resurfacing

For treatment of moderate or heavy acne scars, patients should consider C02 non-ablative fractional resurfacing, available now from Surface Med Spa. Recognized as the most effective treatment through the industry, this acne scar treatment procedure in Layton might only require two visits to our med spa. Maximum results are achieved with C02 lasers that work underneath the outer layers of your facial skin, going deeper than traditional fractional-type lasers. These powerful lasers actually rebuild the skin, refreshing it to a smoother, healthier complexion. Due to the aggressive effectiveness of this procedure, some downtown will be required afterwards.

Plasma Resurfacing

Patients with mild or moderate acne scarring might consider plasma resurfacing to fill out and refresh scarred areas. Our Layton facility offers this acne scar treatment procedure in one to three sessions for complete dermal rejuvenation. During a plasma resurfacing procedure, your Surface Med Spa cosmetic surgeons removes a piece of the epidermis and puffs plasma gas against the scarred skin. The scarred tissue is revitalized with the heat of the gas and tightens as a result. After about 3-5 days of downtime and a prescription for oral antivirals, patients experience smoother skin! As an added bonus, the cosmetic surgeon will mitigate skin damage done by the sun and other elements, improving a patient’s overall health.


Prevent acne scarring before it happens with CoolTouch. Surface Med Spa offers this Layton acne scar treatment procedure to patients who have a family background of acne scarring or have already started to notice the signs of it. Using rapid laser light, a cosmetic surgeon shrinks oil glands in the skin to prevent future breakouts and scarring. Considered one of the most effective acne prevention treatments, CoolTouch minimizes the sebaceous gland, simulating the regeneration of collagen and mitigate scars. Best of all, this acne scar treatment procedure is available to all of our Layton patients, including those with dark or tan skin. With no downtime or future breakouts, CoolTouch creates long-lasting results that our patients love!

Clear2 Fotofacials

Clear2 Fotofacials is an excellent treatment option for those experiencing active acne. Using our photo-sensitizing solution, an IPL (intense pulse light), and/or a BluLight we are able to significantly reduce acne and help reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Clear2 Fotofacials are able to shrink oil glands, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, minimize pigmentation, and smooth uneven skin texture. This procedure does require some social downtime (usually 4-7 days). Normally we recommend patients in Layton to have between one and three treatments done six to eight days apart; and then a follow-up treatment every few years to maintain your results.

Dermal Fillers

Your Layon cosmetic surgeon will inject a fat-based filler to give your skin a fuller, smoother appearance. Depending on your preference and the nature of your acne scars, Surface Med Spa can use bovine collagen, human collagen, hyaluronic acid derivatives, or pharmaceutical grade silicon as dermal fillers for your Layton acne scar treatment. The majority of these injections only create temporary results, with the exception of the silicon-based filler.

Scar Excision

During a scar excision procedure, your Layton cosmetic surgeon uses a small punch tool resembling a cookie cutter to remove the scar from the skin. This acne scar treatment procedure is generally performed on deep ice pick acne scars that need direct attention. Upon removal of the scarring, the surgeon seals the skin with a suture that may leave a small scar. Fortunately, our cosmetic surgeons are experts in every kind of scarring and can use fractional laser treatments to reduce visibility of the scar over time, leaving you with smoother skin!

Subcutaneous Incision

Rolling acne scars are considered to be the deepest and most visible of acne scarring. A cosmetic surgeon can remove them with a simple surgery that involves cutting bands of tissue beneath the skin with a needle-like scalpel. With these bonds removed, the skin fills out and provides the patient with a more natural complexion. To maintain smoothness after this acne scar treatment in the Layton area, the surgeon might recommend a series of dermal fillers.

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