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Eyebrow Lift Treatment Utah:

Drooping eyebrows are caused by time, gravity, and the loosening of the forehead skin.  Traditional treatments take a slice of the scalp from the top of the head (from ear to ear) and pull the scalp and forehead backward.  This can be effective for a person with a low forehead but it can result in hair loss and balding.  Another common treatment is to make three incisions in the scalp and detach or separate the scalp from the skull with an elevator tool through the incisions.  A screw attached or a bone tunnel is made in the skull and a suture is placed deep in the tissue to pull the forehead upwards.  While the scalp is pulled up, it eventually re-attaches to the skull and the lift is more secure.


At Surface Med, we use a better technique developed by a doctor in South Africa.  This technique uses small sutures (like sewing thread) that lift the eyebrows without lifting the forehead.  Most people don’t need a true forehead lift, but rather need the eyebrows lifted.  The forehead is numbed and very small incisions are made behind the hairline of the forehead.  The tiny sutures are placed from the fibrous tissue under the eyebrow to the scalp and tied.  There are no visible scars in the eyebrows and the tiny incisions in the scalp cannot usually be found after healing.  The eyebrow is usually lifted 3 to 4 mm resulting in a natural look.  The procedure is permanent and the small sutures cannot be felt or seen. If a brow lift in Utah is what you have been looking for, look no further.

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