Fat Transfer to Breast, Buttock, Face, Hands

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At Surface Medical Spas we are able to transfer your own body fat, removed with Smarter Liposuction™, to any body area to create an augmentation that is completely natural. Fat transfer is a natural alternative to bag-type implants. Fat can be transferred to any desired body area; from your face all the way to your calves!

Fat transfer is the natural alternative to plastic, saline, and bag-type implants.

What is fat transfer?

Fat Transfer is a process in which living fat cells are harvested from one part of the body, with Smarter Liposuction™, and placed into another area to enhance that area. This is done using a device about the size of a pencil lead and the scars are almost unnoticeable. It is a procedure with few complications and is most commonly used to provide the breasts, buttocks, face, and hands with a more youthful and feminine appearance simply by adding volume using your unwanted fat!

Dr. Sidney Coleman is the plastic surgeon who originated the fat transfer procedure and Dr. Barson was trained by him eight years ago. Fat transfer started about twenty-five (25) years ago and has had no major side effects ever reported. Many plastic surgeons are afraid of this procedure because it is much more time consuming than the simple placement of a bag-type implant. A competent surgeon can implant simple saline or silicone implants in 45 minutes. Fat transfer is much more involved and takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. Most plastic surgeons don’t want to spend that much time in a procedure when they can make more money in 45 minutes. Remember, a plastic surgeon developed this procedure and Dr. Barson was trained by this physician.

The Major Benefits!

This type of procedure has two major benefits, enhancing your face, buttocks, breasts or hands and removing unwanted fat from your problem areas. It’s a win/win!

The Fat Transfer Procedure

Our Fat Transfer procedure is done under localized anesthesia, eliminating much of the risk involved and greatly reducing our patients downtime. Most patients experience very little bruising and swelling following their procedure. In using localized anesthesia we are able to utilize a technique called vertical contouring, ensuring that our patients receive the smoothest outcome possible!

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