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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal | Surface Medical Spa

Surface Med offers the best laser hair removal in Layton, Utah with our advanced techniques. As you may already know, hair grows in cycles. At any given time, only about one-third of your hairs are active and growing. Every 6-8 weeks the cycle shifts and resting follicles start growing hairs while active follicles shed their hair and enter a dormant state. Only during the active growing stage can the hair be permanently removed with a light-emitting device.

Laser hair removal devices can be categorized as either lasers or IPL intense pulsed light devices. Lasers are an older technology that is being displaced by IPL. Firing a laser emits all of its energy in a very brief burst (think spike) that can be quite painful. (According to one laser treatment center up to 70% of their patients needed topical anesthesia). Hair Removal lasers are also more likely to cause burns and are sensitive to technician error.

IPL devices emit filtered white light over a much longer duration (think bell curve) that treats a wider range of frequencies, is more effective, safer, and less painful. The pulse feels like a small rubber band snaps. For laser hair removal in Layton, Surface Med uses IPL devices exclusively.

At Surface Med Spas in Layton, Utah, we use IPL to remove unwanted hair along with the most advanced and current technologies. You’ll relax knowing that we’re experts at it. Every patient is seen by one of our physicians before any treatment begins. All light-based laser devices (IPL-intense pulsed light and lasers) rely on the absorption of light energy by the hair shaft and follicle. This nearly instant heating cauterizes the small capillary that feeds the follicle, disabling it and permanently preventing the follicle from growing hair. Two things affect the success of this procedure:

Dark skin contains the same pigment as the hair shafts. This pigment is melanin and is a very dark brown. The light devices used for laser hair removal use filtered frequencies that are absorbed more by the melanin in the hair shaft than the surrounding skin. If the skin is dark, it absorbs some of the light before it gets to the hair. Less light energy is delivered to the hair follicle and the treatment is less effective. Because of this, light skin and dark hair are the most effective combination for laser hair removal, while dark skin and light hair are the least effective combination.

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Because the hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are necessary. Most people require five to seven treatments spaced by the particular hair cycle length, usually five to eight weeks apart. This waiting time allows inactive hairs to become active and start growing. It is only when hair follicles are active that they can be effectively treated.

Several problems can occur with light-based hair removal. The most common occurs when the person’s skin type or amount of pigment is not measured accurately. Inaccurate skin typing is the most common cause of burns with any of these devices. Most clinics use a questionnaire that guesses at the person’s approximate skin type. This method has been proven to be inaccurate more than 70% of the time. Surface Medical Spas use a spectrophotometer to accurately determine the exact amount of pigment in the skin. This method takes the guesswork out of this crucial step in your treatment.

Problems with light type laser hair removal can include redness, burning, scars, and ineffective treatments. These complications are rare with the newer equipment and treatment. This is why we always use the IPL treatments for our laser hair removal for our Layton Utah patients.

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