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At Surface Medical Spas we provide the most advanced form of LipoLaser Skin Tightening available anywhere. Our LipoLaser procedure used in conjunction with Smarter Liposuction™ provides very little downtime, no need for general anesthesia, tighter skin, and smoothest possible results for our patients. Using localized anesthesia in the area being treated, we are able to vertically contour our patient’s problem areas, tighten loose skin, this ensures our patients have both a smooth Liposuction result and taut, firm skin in the area treated.

Surface-Med – LipoLaser Utah?

LipoLaser is a similar but more advanced form of liposuction and skin tightening in Utah but differs in that we don’t put the patient under general anesthesia and use local or tumescent anesthesia instead. When you’re under general you are lying down the whole time so everything flattens out but things look entirely different when you are upright. So what we do is we stand the patient up during the process and this allows our surgeon to smooth out all of the irregularities that couldn’t be seen while in a lying position. We also use a much thinner cannula (which is a tool that takes the fat out of the body). Because the cannula is so small, the size of the holes is very small.

LipoLaser coupled with Smarter Liposuction™ is a similar but more advanced form of Liposuction but differs in that we don’t put the patient under general anesthesia

Smarter Liposuction™ Process:

Our surgeon numbs the tissue with a saline-based numbing solution. After the tissue is numbed, the solution and the fat are removed using a straw-like tool called a cannula, which is inserted, via tiny holes called adits. The sizes of the holes are small and the cannula is quite small. The procedure is quiet and the movements are gentle and slow. Smarter Liposuction leaves only tiny scars that fade over time to be almost unnoticeable. After the majority of the fat is removed, you will stand up and the final “fine-tuning” will be accomplished in a standing position. Following the fat removal, we utilize our LipoLaser to then tighten the skin. This is done by the insertion of a laser under the skin which uses heat to “shrinkwrap” the skin, tightening the skin substantially in the area treated.

Is Smarter Liposuction™ Utah Safe?

This form of Liposuction is the safest ever devised. We’ve never had a patient experience a serious complication or infection. All serious complications and deaths have all been attributed to Liposuction under anesthesia.

What are the advantages of LipoLaser assisted Smarter Liposuction over conventional Liposuction in Utah?

LipoLaser with Smarter Liposuction™ is much, much safer and less expensive than regular Liposuction. The results are usually much smoother and the skin is left much tighter than Liposuction under general anesthesia. The downtime, pain, swelling, and bruising are usually much less and most people return to office-type work in three days.

Questions & Answers

Am I A Good Candidate for LipoLaser Surgery?

A good candidate for LipoLaser assisted Liposuction is any patient who is unhappy with their body shape or contour. The best candidates for liposuction are in good health and have realistic expectations of what liposuction can accomplish. LipoLaser can provide significant improvement, but it is unlikely to achieve perfection. There is no definite age or weight limit for patients who are “good candidates” for LipoLaser. Many LipoLaser patients are of average size but are concerned about localized accumulations of fat and loose skin. However, an obese patient can be very happy with the results, especially if the abdomen is treated as this improves bending, skin laxity as well as other physical activities. Many clients have skin laxity issues related to pregnancy, weight loss, or fluctuations. A person who expects absolute perfection is not a good candidate for LipoLaser as perfection is not achievable with any present technology. Serious medical problems usually prevent patients from undergoing LipoLaser but are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Realistic Expectations of My LipoLaser Surgery?

The goal of LipoLaser is to obtain an optimal aesthetic result rather than to maximize the amount of fat removed. A common disappointment after traditional Liposuction Laser treatments is that too much fat is removed from a localized area, leaving skin loose and saggy. At Surface, we use a number of specialized techniques such as vertical contouring, small vibrating cannulas, lasers, and lipograters to produce the best result possible. We also redo bad liposuction from other doctors and this comprises about 20% of the LipoLaser assisted liposuction we do.

Which Body Areas can be treated by LipoLaser?

Body areas treated with LipoLaser include the abdomen, love handles, back, arms, neck and jowl, cheeks, inner and outer thighs, ankles and calves, bra fat, breast contouring, sacral and cervical humps, and lipomas. As an added benefit, we can take the fat from your liposuction and put it in another area such as; breasts, buttock, hands, faces, and areas of the body with surgical or congenital defects.

How long is the LipoLaser Surgery Post-Op and Recovery time?

Most patients recover quickly because we allow excess fluids to drain from the treatment site into sterile gauze pads. The drainage usually is complete within 24 hours and you are well on your way to recovery. Exercise can usually be resumed in 7-10 days and usual daily activities can begin the next day. Most people return to office-type jobs in 3-5 days but some have resumed work the next day. We feel it is best to rest and recuperate after LipoLaser assisted Liposuction as people tend to recover quicker with a few days of good rest. The liposuctioned area will look better the next day but the final result will not be achieved for some months as swelling from the procedure slowly lessens.

Difference between LipoLaser and Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction removes fat from the entire abdomen area and love handles where desired. A tummy tuck only removes fat from the excised skin and fat area that generally has the shape of a football. Because the skin above the belly button is undermined or separated, it is usually not possible to liposuction the fat in this area as tissue death may result. This usually leaves the person with tighter skin but also with excess fat above and below the tummy tuck scar. At Surface, we redo tummy tucks by liposuctioning the excess fat in the upper abdomen and pubic areas. We can also use a LipoLaser to tighten skin after liposuction that results in significant skin tightening. We most often used LipoLaser and Smarter Liposuction in place of a tummy tuck, often achieving results as significant as a tummy tuck without extensive scarring as seen in Tummy Tuck procedures.

LipoLaser is much, much safer, and less expensive than regular Liposuction and the results are amazing!

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