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Surface Medical Spas in Layton provides the most advanced form of Liposuction available anywhere.

At Surface Medical Spas we are able to transfer your own body fat, removed with Smarter Liposuction™.

At Surface Medical Spas we provide a full spectrum of anti-aging services for the face, both surgical and non-surgical.

The hair removal, skin tightening and resurfacing, customized facials & acne treatments provided at Surface Medical Spas.

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Here at Surface Medical Spa we offer the best cosmetic surgery in Utah.

We specialize in effective and safe alternative treatment options to traditional cosmetic surgery procedures in Layton and across Utah.

With our years of licensed and professional cosmetic surgery experience, our surgeons have paved the way for the use of the latest and most advanced cosmetic surgery procedures in Layton, and the surrounding Salt Lake City areas.

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In The Skin You're In

with our Natural Breast Augmentation in Layton. Instead of using bag-type silicone or saline breast implants, commonly used in most plastic surgeon's offices, we use your body’s own fat to enhance the breasts. Our cosmetic surgeons in Layton are able to do this by taking fat from anywhere in your body that you find undesirable and transfer those fat cells to the breasts.

This gives you

  • Fuller breasts
  • Lifted breasts
  • Firmer breasts
  • with the bonus of trimming excess fat from trouble areas

A plastic surgeon might tell you that traditional breast augmentation is superior to a Natural Breast Augmentation, claiming it’s newness doesn’t allow physicians to analyze complications that might be involved, this is completely untrue. Fat transfers have been performed for over 30 years without significant complications leading to the fine-tuned procedure offered today.

Surface Physicians’

Cutting Edge Techniques

Dr. Barson was trained by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Sydney Coleman in his own Lipostructure, fat transferring, techniques. Dr Coleman is considered the “father” of fat transfer procedures. He has written the authoritative text on fat grafting and through his exhaustive research and experience, is responsible for the acceptance of these procedures by the cosmetic surgery community.

We believe that the Natural Breast Augmentation we offer to customers from Layton and across Utah is superior and much safer than a bag-type enhancement in many ways, in fact, the FDA has sited over 30 possible complications due to silicone/ saline implants used by plastic surgeons in traditional breast augmentations. You can check this out in the FDA breast implant complications booklet at: FDA

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Our cosmetic surgeons have paved the way in the latest and most advanced cosmetic surgery procedures. We serve Layton, Park City, Salt Lake City, and surrounding areas.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Many of our patients from Layton would never even consider having bag-type implants done due to the possible complications involved and the frequent unnatural look and feel of bag implants. With a Natural Breast Augmentation™  almost all of these complications can be avoided.

Patient Success Stories

After reaching a point in my life and feeling as though there was no hope for me to ever love my body again, I decided it was time for a change. A change that was not only to be a physical one, but one that took control of my emotional state of being.

Emily Lewis

Emily LewisMrs. Utah