3D Natural Facelift

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Our 3D Natural Facelift may be the answer for you if:

When you look at your yearbook pictures, do you feel you look nothing like the remarkable young person you used to be? Does loose skin and loss of facial volume bother you? Do you look older than you feel? Are you haunted by the face you saw in the mirror years ago?

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

How does 3D Natural Facelift work?

Surface Medical Spas 3D Natural Facelift combines our amazing Encore Facelift and Fat Transfer technologies to provide results like you never thought were possible!

Individual results will vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Our 3D Natural Facelift is a less invasive Encore Facelift with fat transfer to add volume to the aging face. The entire procedure is done in the Salt Lake City area under local anesthesia, significantly reducing the risk generally involved with facelifts done under general anesthesia. Lax skin is lifted and tightened in a natural way, avoided the undesirable “pulled back” look that is often the outcome with other facelifts. We avoid this by lifting both the skin and the underlying tissue in a more natural way thereby giving you the most youthful result possible. When the lift is enhanced with our exclusive fat transfer technology, the result is nothing short of remarkable. Everyone knows that aging causes loss of tissue in the face. This loss of volume is why a conventional facelift may not give the more youthful appearance you really desire. Only by replacing lost volume along with our less invasive Encore Facelift can you achieve the exceptional result you long for. Our exclusive 3D Natural Facelift gives you the most youthful appearance possible, period. Our anesthetic technology also significantly reduces bruising and swelling, leaving our patients with far less downtime than is common with other facelifts.

What To Expect

The face is restored to more natural, youthful state by lifting and tightening the skin and deeper structures of the face with our exclusive Encore Facelift. Secondly, harvested fat is used to restore lost facial volume in the face producing the most youthful appearance possible. Transferred fat contains stem cells which aids in creating a much more youthful appearance. These stem cells also change the skin above the fat layer causing a “youthening” effect that is being used around the world to repair radiation damaged skin from cancer therapy. Transferred fat can also be used to fill hollow cheeks, restore the hollows to the side of the eyes and help with sunken cheek bones.

Patient’s Results

Using these techniques we are able to provide our patients with results they never dreamed possible. Restoring a youthful appearance they thought would be unattainable. This remarkable technology is available exclusively in the Salt Lake City area at Surface Medical Spas in Layton. Meet with our surgeon who has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures for a free consultation to help you determine if the 3D Natural Lift would help you achieve your desired result.

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