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Glass Medicine Vials and hyaluronic collagen or flu syringe.

Are you looking older, irritated, or more tired than you feel? Do grimace lines, conspicuous crow’s feet or lip lines irritate you? Do you desire to see major restoration in one or maybe more of those areas without any subsequent recovery time? Newtox Cosmetic in Layton Utah may just be the answer for you.

Here at Surface Medical Spas Layton, Newtox Treatments and Injections are our hottest-selling and most “happy” procedure. Our clientele over the last twelve years has absolutely been delighted with their results.

Ninety-Two Percent of patients interviewed really enjoyed their results from Layton Newtox Cosmetic!

Our Newtox Cosmetic treatments are administered by our warm and friendly and knowledgeable healthcare professionals in the convenience of our medical spas. An extremely small needle is injected precisely into facial muscles to further improve the appearance of mild to intense lines. There is absolutely no surgery and no downtime included in this straightforward and pain-free procedure. The Newtox treatment results last for 3-4 months.

Using Newtox treatment and injection can “untrain” the muscle that causes that wrinkle to produce in the first place by inhibiting its movement over an extended period of time.

Genuine and noticeable results have kept our patients returning from year to year, bringing their friends along to witness the incredible outcomes for themselves.

We hope to show you why 11.8 million women have chosen Newtox Cosmetic and why our healthcare professionals are far beyond the rest.

We offer Newtox Treatments in Layton, Utah. So if you’re an existing resident or merely visiting on holiday, our medical spa office in Layton is the perfect place to relax and have your skin cared for.

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