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Computerized Visia Skin Analysis Layton Utah:

Surface Med uses the most advanced technology in our location at Layton to analyze your skin and determine the amount and type of problems for the individual. The system is called Visia and the process involves positioning your head in a photography device where pictures are taken in three types of light. The computer program (developed by Proctor and Gamble) then analyzes the skin for wrinkles, pores, brown spots, blood vessels, texture, ultraviolet spots and oil gland bacteria.

Our location in Layton have Visia skin analysis results displayed and recorded both in pictures and readout of the number of skin defects. We then use the information to design a treatment regimen that addresses the issues found by the computer’s skin analysis. We can then go back, after the treatment, and see what changes have taken place. This provides a permanent record of the pre and post treatment results and its effectiveness. We also use the device to evaluate skin changes with different skin products and other factors that can affect skin health and appearance.

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